Bronze Age

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V. Bronze Age  ( 3,000 - 1,200 BCE )

Bronze Age is the time period that marks a significant development in the human culture, before the introduction of Iron, when most tools and weapons were made of bronze. Generally, Bronze Age succeeds the Chalcolithic Age-Copper Stone Age. Bronze Age is somehow a local value, for bronze came into use at different times in different parts of the world. Similarly, use of bronze was replaced by iron at different times as well. Some civilizations in the world, have never produced bronze, and this term is not available in those areas. For instance, the bronze technology was known in Thailand as early as 4,500 BCE, in China the use of Bronze began about 1,800 BCE, and in Americas, the bronze was introduced only after 1,000 CE. Asia Minor was among the first to gain the bronze production technology as early as 3,000 BCE. Asia Minor has experienced a long-lasting Bronze Age when they produced sophisticated tools and weapons. After a long period of decline, Asia Minor has reached a high level of civilization again in the middle bronze age. It became one of the important centers in Art, Urban Planning, Sculpture and Pottery. Also, the ancient sites of this period show us that many of the towns were fortified for defense purposes, evidence that there was a big struggle for power between local states and tribes. During the Bronze Age, Asia Minor has undergone a heavy colonization by Assyrians from Mesopotamia and Greeks from the other side of the Aegean Sea. 

  1. Early Bronze Age (3,000 - 2,500 BCE.)

  2. Middle Bronze Age (2,500 - 2,000 BCE.)

  3. Late Bronze Age (2,000 - 1,200 BCE.)

The human in search of new inventions that would make their lives easier has learned to alloy copper with tin that makes a harder and stronger metal than both copper and tin, we call this metal bronze and this period of time, Bronze Age. This period falls almost within the same period of time when the writing was invented in Mesopotamia. What they have invented for the industrial development was pottery wheel that had increased the production significantly. The invention of bronze has led to the development of new skills in processing and refining gold, silver and other metals. The artifacts made out of a mixture of gold and silver have decorated the palaces of Kings and Princes. The significant increase in production and surplus of metal products has necessitated the export of such items to other communities in the area or even to other kingdoms in remote areas. Another important invention of this period was that of carts of four wheels drawn by oxen which have provided significant assistance for the transportation.

Some notable sites of this period;

Troy, the legendary city of Homer, Kultepe, Horoztepe, Polatli, Ahlatlibel, Alacahoyuk, Bogazkoy, Alisar, Eskiyapar.

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