Ancient Sources


Book Title 




6th C. BC.

Alexander of Myndus

A History of Beasts

1st C. AD.

Alexander Philalethes

Some medical works

1st C. AD.

Ammianus Marcellinus 

History of Ammianus Marcellinus

4th C. AD.

Anaximenes of Lampsacus


4th C. BC.

Apollonius of Rhodes

Argonauts (Argonautica)

3rd C. B.C.)


Appianos Romaika (Appian's Roman History )

2nd C. AD.

Aristoxenus (physician)

On the Herophilean Sect

1st C. AD.


Alexandroi Anabasis (The Campaigns of Alexander)

2nd C. AD. 


Deipnosophiston ( The Deipnpsophists of Athenseus of Naucratis )

2-3rd C. AD. 

Aurelius Marcus 


2nd C. AD. 

Cassius Dio 

Historia Romana ( Dio's Roman History )

3rd C. AD. 

Cato the Elder 

The Origines

2nd C. BCE. 


The Verrine Orations 

1st C. BCE.



5th C. BC.



4th C. BC.

Demosthenes Philalethes


1st C. AD.

Demetrius of Phalerum

On Style

4th C. BC.

Dio Chrysostom

Writings which epitomized the Second Sophistic movement.

(c. 40-112 A.D.)


Bibliotheke Historikhe 

1st C. BCE.

Eusebius the Bishop of Caesarea 

Ecclesiastical History


Hecataeus of Miletus

The first known map

6th C. BC.



8th C. BCE.



5th C. BCE.


Theogony and Works and Days

c. 700 BC.


Anabasis (March of the ten thousand)
Cyrus Paideia 

5th C. BCE.


Ab Urbe Condita (From the founding of the City)

1st C. BCE.



1st C. BCE.


Hellados Periegesos ( Descripiton of Greece )

2nd C. AD.

Plinius (Pliny the Elder)

Naturalis Historia ( Pliniy's Natural History )

1st C. AD.


Bioi Paralelloi ( Plutarch's Parallel Lives )

1st C. AD.


Historion Prote ( The Histories of Polybius )

2nd C. BCE.


Peri Ktismaton ( Procopius of Caeserea Buildings )

6th C. AD.


Geographikes Hphegeseos ( Geographika )

2nd C. AD.


The Twelve Caesars 

2nd C. AD. 


Geogrpahi Graeci Minores 

6th C. BCE.


Geographika (The Geogrpahy of Strabon)

1st C. BCE.


Annales ( The Annals of Tacitus)

2nd C. AD.



5th C. BCE.


De Architectura ( Ten Books of Architecture) 

1st C. BCE.



Modern Sources


 Book Title


Ainsworth W.

Travels and researches in Asia Minor,  Mesopotamia, Chaldea and Armenia 

London 1842 

Akurgal Ekrem

Ancient Civilizations and Ruins of Turkey 

Istanbul 1969 - 1985 

Alkim U.B.

Anatolia I.

London 1969

Andrewes Antony

Greek Society 

London  1967 

Bairoch P.

Cities and Economic Development

London 1988

Ballance M.H.

Roman Roads in Lycaonia 


Bean George

Aegean Turkey 
Lycian Turkey 
Turkey Beyond the Meander 
Turkey's Southern Shore 

London 1966 
London 1978 
London 1971 
London 1968 

Benevolo L.

The History of the City

Cambridge 1981

Beaufort F.


London 1817 

Bickerman E.J.

Chronology of the Ancient World 

London 1980 

Bieber Margaret

The History of the Greek and Roman Theater 

Princeton 1971 

Bittel Kurt

Guide to Bogazkoy
Hattusha, the Capital of the Hittites

Ankara 1969
New York 1970

Blake Evrett C. 
Edmonds Anne G.

Biblical Sites in Turkey 

Istanbul 1994 

Blegen Carl

Troy and the Trojans

New York 1963

Boardman J.

The Greeks Overseas 

London 1980 

Boardman J. 
Griffin J., 
Murray O.

The Oxford History of the Classical World

Boase T.S.R.

The Cilician Kingdom of Armenia 

Edinburgh 1978 

Branigan K.

Aegean Metallurgy In the Early and Middle Bronze Ages

Oxford 1974 

Breasted J.H.

Ancient Times, A history of the Early World

Boston 1944

Bryce T.R.

The Lycians

Copenhagen  1986 

Bryer A.

The Byzantine Monuments and Topography of the Pontus 

England 1959 

Burkert W.

Greek Religion 

Oxford 1985 

Burney C.A.,   Lang R.M.

The Peoples of the Hills : Ancient Ararat and Caucasus

London 1971

Bury J.B.

The Later Roman Empire

New York 1958

Butzer K.W. 

Environment and Archaeology

London 1972

Cadoux C. J.

Ancient Smyrna 

Oxford 1938 

Campbell Angus

Geology and History of Turkey 

Libya 1971 

Carter H.

An Introduction to Urban Historical Geography

London 1983

Casson S.

Macedonia, Thracia and Illyria 

Groningen 1968 

Ceram C.W. 

The Secret of the Hittites

New York 1956 

Chandler R.

Travels in Asia Minor and Greece 

London 1817 

Charlemont Lord

The Travels of Lord Charlemont in Greece and Turkey  

London 1984 

Chandler R. Revett N.

Ionian Antiquities 

Dilettanti 1749 

Childe Gordon

Social Evolution

London 1951 

Cippola C.M.

The Economic History of World Population

Harmondsworth 1962

Clark Francis E.

The Holy Land of Asia Minor 

New York 1914 

Clark G.

World Prehistory

Cambridge 1969

Clayton P. and Price M.

Seven wonders of the Ancient World 

London 1988 

Coldstream J.N.

Cyprus and the East Mediterranean in the Iron Age

London 1989

Cook J. M.

The Greeks in Ionia and East 
The Troad 
Bronze Age Migrations in the Aegean

London 1962 
Oxford 1973 
New Jersey 1974

Cramer J.A. 

Geographical and Historical Description of Asia Minor 

Amsterdam 1971 

Crossland R.A., Birchall A.

Bronze Age Migrations in the Aegean

New Jersey 1974 

Davison Roderic H.


New Jersey 1968 

Dickinson O.

The Aegean Bronze Age

Cambridge 1994

Durant Will

The Story of Civilization 

New York 1935 

Edmonds Anna G.

The Neolithic Revolution in Turkey 

Istanbul 1969 

Erim Kenan Prof.


London 1986 

Fellows C.

Asia Minor 

London 1840 
London 1840 

Finley M.I.

The Ancient Economy

London 1992

Forbes R.J.

Studies in Ancient Technology

Leiden 1964

Forbes T.B.

Urartian Architecture

Oxford 1983

Fox, Robin Lane

Alexander the Great 
Pagans and Christians 

London 1973 
London 1986 

Freely John

The Companion Guide to Turkey 
The Bosphorus 
The Aegean Coast of Turkey 
The Black Sea Coast of Turkey 
The Western Mediterranean Coast of Turkey 

London 1979 
Istanbul 1973 
Istanbul 1996 
Istanbul 1996 
Istanbul 1997 
London 1991 

French David 

Roman Roads and Milestones of Asia Minor 

Oxford 1981 

Gallion A.B., Eisner S.

The Urban Pattern

New York 1963

Gelb Ignace

Hurrians and Subarians 

Chicago 1944 

Georgacas D.J. 

The Names for the Asia Minor Peninsula 

Heidelberg 1971 

Gibbon E.

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire 

London 1910 

Glotz G.

The Aegean Civilization 

London 1968

Gordon Cyrus H.

The Ancient Near East 

New York 1965 

Gorman V.B.

Miletus, the Ornament of Ionia; A History of the City to 400 BCE.

Michigan 2001

Green Peter

From Alexander to Actium

London 1991

Gurney O.R.

Anatolia c. 1750-1600 BCE
The Hittites 

Cambridge 1965
London 1961 

Guthrie William

The Greek Philosophers from Thales to Aristotle 

New York 1966 

Hamilton William  J.

Researches in Asia Minor, Pontus and Armenia 

London 1842 

Hammond N.G.L. 

A History of Macedonia 

Oxford 1972 

Hanfmann G.M.

Letters from Sardis 
The Cities of Western Asia Minor and their Arts in Greek and Roman Times
Sardis from Prehistory to Roman Times

Cambridge 1972 
Ann Arbor 1975

Cambridge 1983

Harding A.F.

Climatic Change in later Prehistory

Edinburgh 1982 

Hauser P.M.

The Study of Urbanization 

New York 1965

Hawkes J.

Atlas of Ancient Archaeology

New York 1974

Haywood R.M.

Ancient Greece and the Near East

New York 1964

Hibbert C.

Cities and Civilizations

London 1996

Huxley G.L.

The Early Ionians 

London 1966 

Issawi C.

Middle Eastern Cities

Los Angeles 1969


The Economy of Cities

New York 1969

Jones A. H. M.

The Cities of the Eastern Roman Provinces 

Oxford 1971 

Journal of the British 
Institute of Archaeology

Anatolian Studies 

1972 - 1979 

Keller Werner

The Bible as History 

New York 1981 

Kelman John, Fulleylove John

The Holy Land 

London 1912 

Kinross Lord

Within Tarsus 

New York 1955 

Knox P.

Urban Social Geography

Essex 1987

Korfmann M., Mannsperger 
and Excavation Team

A Guide to Troia 

Istanbul 1997 

Lane Fox Robin 

Alexander the Great 

London 1973 

Leake M.

Journal of a Tour in Asia Minor

London 1824

Lissner Ivar

The Living Past 

Middlesex 1965 

Lloyd Seton

The Archaeology of Asia Minor before the Greeks 
Dawn of Civilization
Early Highland Peoples of Anatolia 
Ancient Turkey

Harmondsworth 1956
New York 1961
London 1967 
London 1989 

Lyle Evelyn  Kalças 

The Search for the Royal Road 

London 1966 

Macaulay Rose

The Towers of Trebizond 

London 1966 

Macqueen J.G.

The Hittites and their Contemporaries in Asia Minor 


Magie D. 

Roman Rule in Asia Minor  

Princeton 1950 

Mango Andrew

Discovering Turkey 

New York 1971 

May J. M. F.

Ainos its history and Coinage 

London 1950 

Mc Donagh Bernard

The Aegean and Mediterranean Coasts 

New York 1989 

McEvedy C.

The Penguin Atlas of Ancient History

Harmondsworth 1967

Meadows P.

Urbanism, Urbanization and Social Change

London 1969

Mellaart James

Earliest Civilizations of the Near East 
Catalhoyuk, a Neolithic Town in Anatolia
The Neolithic of the Near East

London 1965 
London 1975

Meritt B.D. Wade Gery McGregor M. 

The Athenian Tribute Lists

Princeton 1939  

Metzger H.

Anatolia II 

Geneva 1969 

Moorehead Alan


New York 1956 


History of Urban Form

New York 1974

Mosse C.

The Greek World

London 1999

Muhly J.D.

The coming Age of Iron

New Haven 1980

Mumford L.

The City in History

Harmondsworth 1966

Muller H.J.

The Loom of History

New York 1958

Newton C.T.

Travels and discoveries in Levant 

London 1865 

Oddy W.A. 

Aspects of Early Metallurgy

London 1980

Olmstead A.T.

History of the Persian Empire

Chicago 1948

Oppenheim A.L.

Trade and Market in the Early Empires

Chicago 1971

Ostrogorsky Georg

History of the Byzantine State 

Oxford 1958 

Onen U.


Izmir 1984 
Izmir 1986 

Owens E.J.

The City in the Greek and the Roman World

London 1996

Palmer L.R.

Aegean Prehistory in the light of the Linear B Tablets

London 1965

Parks W.

Oracles of Apollo in Asia Minor 

Beckenham 1985 

Pedley John

Sardis in the Age of Croesus 

Oklahoma 1968 

Pekman Adnan

History of Perge 

Ankara 1973 

Piotrovsky B.B.


London 1967

Radt Wolgang

Pergamum, an archaeological guide 

Istanbul 1978 

Ramsay W.M.

The Historical Geography of Asia Minor 

London 1890 

Reynolds J.M.

Aphrodisias and Rome 

London 1982 

Roebuck C.

Classical Philology
Ionian Trade and Colonization
Economy and Society in the Early Greek World

Chicago 1950
Chicago 1959
Chicago 1984

Roller L.E.

In search of the God Mother, The Cult of Anatolian Cybele

Berkeley 1999

Rosenbaum E., Huber G., Onurkan S.

A Survey of Coastal Cities in Western Cilicia 

Ankara 1967 

Sandars N.K.

The Sea Peoples

London 1985

Schliemann Heinrich 

Troy and Its Remains
Ilios : The City and Country of the Trojans
Troja : The results of the latest researches and discoveries on the site of Homeric Troy 
Troja : Researches and Discoveries on the Site of Homer's Troy

London 1875
London 1880
London 1881 

London 1884

Segal Hudah Benzion

Edessa and Harran 

London 1963 

Sherwin White 

Roman foreign policy in the East 

London 1984 

Sjoberg G.

The Pre-Industrial City 
Cities and Society

New York 1960
New York 1967

Stark Freya

The Lycian Shore 
Alexander's Path 
Ionia a Quest 

London 1956 
London 1958 
London 1954 
London 1971 

Starr C.G.

A History of Ancient World

New York 1991

Stoneman Richard 

Land of the Lost Gods 
Across the Hellespont 
A Traveler's History of Turkey 

London 1987 
London !987 
New York 1998

Sumner Boyd, Freely John and Hillary

Strolling through Istanbul 

Istanbul 1972 

T.A.B. Spratt E. Forbes

Travels in Lycia 

London 1847 

Todd I.A.

Catalhoyuk in Perspective

London 1976

Tylecote R.F.

A History of Metallurgy

London 1976

Vermule C.C.

Roman Imperial Art in Greece and Asia Minor

Cambridge 1968

Vidal Gore


London 1993 

Vieyra M.

Hittite Art 2300-750 BCE

London 1955

Von Der Osten H.H.

Exploration in Hittite Asia Minor

Westport 1927-1929

Walbank F. W. 

The Hellenistic World 

London 1981 

Wells P.S.

Culture Contacts and Culture Change

Cambridge 1980 

Williams Gwyn

Eastern Turkey 

London 1972 

Winfield D. 

The Northern Routes across Anatolia 


Woolley L. 

A Forgotten Kingdom
The Town Defenses

Harmondsworth 1959
Oxford 1969

Zaccagnini C.

Centre and Periphery in the Ancient World

Cambridge 1990

Zimansky P.E.

Ecology and Empire, The Structure of the Urartian State
A Handbook of Urartian Studies

Chicago 1985
New York 1998





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