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amasya.jpg (81364 bytes)
Amasya the city from
Central Black Sea Region

Image-008.JPG (46769 bytes)
Detail from the tomb of 
Alexander the Great ?
asiklihoyuk.jpg (101322 bytes)
Asiklihoyuk one of the
archaeological sites in Central Turkey
aslantepe.jpg (56551 bytes)
Aslantepe, an archaeological
site Near Malatya
SuperStock_1288-499.jpg (332061 bytes)
Bodrum (Ancient Halicarnassus),
famous resort center of Turkey

bogazkoy.jpg (69560 bytes)
Hattusas, the imperial
Capital of Hittites 

PICT0537.JPG (134420 bytes)
Scene from the theater
at Hierapolis 
catalhoyuk.jpg (92750 bytes)
Catalhoyuk, the high level of 
Civilization of Neolithic period
PICT0540.JPG (142792 bytes)
Cavustepe (Sardurihinilli)
Urartian fort in Eastern Turkey
degirmentepe.jpg (88687 bytes)
Excavations at Degirmentepe
in the Eastern Turkey
antioch2.jpg (54719 bytes)
Antioch was one of the
greatest cities
PICT0696.JPG (100868 bytes)
Mt. Ararat, great mount of
the flood from Old Testament 
eskivan.jpg (78484 bytes)
An Engraving of the Old City
Van and Urartian Fortress
gordion.jpg (86326 bytes)
Gordion, the Capital of
Phrygians and King Midas' Tomb in the Background
PICT0477.JPG (120320 bytes)
Fortress of Urfa, city in the
southwestern Turkey
PICT0568.JPG (171320 bytes)
Theater at Aphrodisias 
PICT0566.JPG (105272 bytes)
Burial Mound for the queen of
the King Antiochus, southeastern Turkey
istcave1.jpg (66565 bytes)
Yarimburgaz Cave earliest
human presence in Turkey
PICT0102.JPG (169148 bytes)
Perge, the great city of
Hellenistic and Roman Period
PICT0620.JPG (134720 bytes)
Burial  mound of the king
Antiochus, with colossal statue heads 
Image-034.JPG (51297 bytes)
Sardis, the capital of Lydian
Kingdom and the city of the King Croesus 
Image-043.JPG (62710 bytes)
Euromos with
the temple of Zeus
Image-067.JPG (47775 bytes)
great city of antiquity. 
Image-081.JPG (69605 bytes)
Tetrapylon was the entrance of
the Aphrodite temple at Aphrodisias 
Image-241.JPG (96047 bytes)
Pergamum, the capital of the
Pergamum Kingdom
Image-264.JPG (109462 bytes)
Ephesus has a great theater
for 24,000 people
lidar.jpg (80339 bytes)
Lidar, a Chalcolithic hoyuk
on the bank of  Euphrates
norsuntepe.jpg (68149 bytes)
Norsuntepe, a prehistoric
tell near Euphrates  river
PICT0315.JPG (159504 bytes)
Ancient Sarcophagus with
superb carvings 
2081934.jpg (90006 bytes)
Troy, the King Priam's and
Homer's  legendary city
2082198.jpg (68696 bytes)
the Hadrian temple 2nd  C. AD
2084094.jpg (74218 bytes)
Didyma was famous for its
divine Oracle
2084134.jpg (87225 bytes)
Priene, one of the Ionian
Cities on Aegean coast
SuperStock_1031-1180.jpg (305501 bytes)
Pergamum, the capital of the
Pergamum kingdom
SuperStock_1288-494.jpg (362429 bytes)
Aspendos, its theater is
probably the best preserved
PICT0031.jpg (173246 bytes)
First International Treaty in
the world, between Hittites and Egyptians  
PICT0039.jpg (114140 bytes)
Ancient Orthostat showing
Hittite chariot with warriors on 
PICT0006.JPG (183416 bytes)
Lycian rock-cut tombs at
Caunos, southwestern Turkey 
PICT0029.JPG (127028 bytes)
Xanthos was an important city of
the Lycian League, Lycia region in southwestern Turkey
PICT0308.JPG (90528 bytes)
Euphrates river of the old
testament and border of Mesopotamia area



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